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Inside BISD » Strategic Action Plan (2016-2021)

Strategic Action Plan (2016-2021)

Graduates of Bastrop Independent School District are empowered to become successful and productive in a global society.
  • A diverse and engaging environment contributes to successful learning.
  • Serving the individual needs of all learners is central to our mission.
  • Community collaboration directly results in the growth of our schools.
  • Education empowers everyone.
  • People feel valued when they are heard.
  • Involvement beyond the classroom contributes to student success.
The Learner...
  • Communicates effectively, both verbally and nonverbally.
  • Engages in collaborative practices.
  • Applies fundamental content knowledge.
  • Respects and empathizes with others.
  • Utilizes critical thinking skills to creatively solve problems.


The Teacher…

  • Communicates effectively, both verbally and nonverbally.
  • Exhibits passion about education.
  • Designs engaging instruction and adjusts based on student needs.
  • Develops and nurtures positive and productive relationships.
  • Models life-long learning and content knowledge.


The Leader…

  • Communicates effectively through a variety of means.
  • Promotes a vision and fosters an innovative culture that advocates in the best interests of students.
  • Exemplifies service-oriented leadership.
  • Demonstrates adaptability.
  • Builds and maintains a school culture that fosters a growth mindset.


  1. We will develop and maintain a system of instruction that differentiates for every student’s needs.
  2. We will increase the effectiveness of communication throughout the BISD community.
  3. We will recruit, equip, and retain staff to increase instructional continuity and quality.
  4. We will strengthen and develop partnerships with students, parents, businesses, and community members in order to empower learner success and productivity.
Goal 1 Performance Objectives for 2016-17
  • Implement new strategies to identify student needs and teacher needs.
  • Enhance the BISD instructional model to address student differentiation.
  • Develop a sequential professional development framework for teachers’ needs and experiences.

Goal 2 Performance Objectives for 2016-17

  • Develop a consistent protocol for internal and external communication.
  • Host a variety of community forums to solicit feedback and share data with key stakeholders.
  • Design and deliver a range of online and print media that is effective, engaging, and relevant to end-users.

Goal 3 Performance Objectives for 2016-17

  • Expand the use of social media avenues to enhance recruitment efforts.
  • Identify and promote the desirable characteristics of the District.
  • Attend and host job fairs to strategically recruit.

Goal 4 Performance Objectives for 2016-17

  • Host bilingual community meetings that are geographically convenient to increase community engagement of Spanish-speaking families.
  • Expand the District’s partnership with “We Believe in BISD”.
  • Educate parents, business leaders, and community about opportunities to be involved at BISD.