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Staff Awards and Honors

Throughout the year, Bastrop ISD provides opportunities for our staff to nominate an outstanding member of our academic community for special recognition of achievement and promise. We have the 212° Award and the "IT" Award that we give out approximately each six to nine weeks.
Only nominations from the current school year will be considered
when selecting our 212° and "IT" Award recipients. 

212° Award

This award is presented to staff members throughout the year to shine a light of notice and appreciation for those who practice (whether they realize it or not) the "Extra Degree" concept ~ doing more or going "above and beyond" on a daily basis.

“IT” Award – Innovation in Teaching

This award is presented to staff members throughout the year who are stretching the perceived or traditional boundaries of teaching, learning, serving, or leading. This award recognizes staff who are doing what they would normally do each day but in an innovative or transformational manner. 

Deadlines to submit awards:


The deadline for submitting the next round of nominations is Friday, November 10, 2017. Awards will be presented and announced approximately one week following nomination deadline.

2017-2018 "IT" Honorees:
Latasha Carter - BMS
Larry Long - GST
Karessa Parish - CCMS
Katlyn Rateau - Emile PPCD
Sarah Gorden - RRE
Bianca Padavick - CCIS
Jenna McKay - CCMS
Krysti Scroggs - CCHS
Joni Vasbinder - Gateway
2017-2018 212° Honorees:
Travis Carter - GCA
Megan Hancock - BHS
Bryan Klaerner - BMS
Jacki Koi - CCMS
Chico Portillo - Admin
Angie Vinklarek - RRE
Carissa Brown - Emile 
Michelle Vacek - Bastrop Works
Barry Edwards - Service Center