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Superintendent Welcome

Bastrop ISD…Seeing the Future Through the Eyes of Our Students


Welcome to Bastrop ISD for the 2017-18 school year and to our district website. We hope the site serves you well and helps to inform and/or assist you in some manner. Let us know what we can do for you and to this website to make it a great source of information for everyone!


This year’s unifying school year theme stated above, Bastrop ISD…Seeing the Future Through the Eyes of Our Students, is a true testament to what we strive to do each and every day in our school district. While we as educators are trained in content and instructional delivery and are charged with making critical decisions that affect students, staff, parents and other patrons, we are better-served and best-informed by listening and learning from the most important people in our school district – the STUDENTS. We engage and include them in so many different ways, and we truly BENEFIT by doing so! Our students have been, are now, and will continue to be involved in critical decision-making at all levels – from the classroom to the Board Room.


The Bastrop ISD Board of Trustees knows the value of seeing school through the kids’ eyes and listening to them by having them sit in advisory to the Board at each Regular Board Meeting held during the school year. The students also sit in advisory to me and other district leaders on a monthly basis through our SSAC (Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council), where students from Bastrop HS, Cedar Creek HS, Genesis HS and the CRCA (Colorado River Collegiate Academy) are engaged in meaningful and purposeful conversation and problem-solving to assist us in making the school experience as productive and enjoyable as possible. Our campus principals engage students in a similar manner at each school starting in elementary school with our 4th graders, to our 5th and 6th grade intermediate students, 7-8th graders and even more students at each of our high schools. I have been blessed to engage students in this meaningful and decision-influencing manner for over 25 years now, and I am very proud that our campus leaders and our Board of Trustees see the value and benefit in doing so as well.


As we go through the 2017-18 school year in Bastrop ISD and reflect on a successful and fulfilling 2016-17 school year, we know that it takes more than just the district staff, School Board and students to educate, serve and benefit ALL of OUR students. It also takes you! We want to engage and listen to our parents and other patrons as well. Please allow us to do so, and reach out to us if you need assistance, or have input and ideas to help us do our best to see school through our students’ eyes and minds. That is the best possible partnership we could all ask for!

Steve Murray
Bastrop ISD Superintendent

Nancy Barrientos
Administrative Assistant
(512) 772-7125