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Superintendent Welcome

Bastrop ISD…Proud of OUR Past, OUR People, and OUR Performance!

Welcome to the Bastrop Independent School District for the 2016-17 school year! Bastrop ISD has a long and PROUD history of educational and extra-curricular excellence. We are very PROUD of the people that make up our district, including the over 10,000 students, their parents, OUR dedicated staff family and all other community members living within the over 450 square miles of BISD. And, we are PROUD of OUR performance. 
In this year's unifying district theme, you see an emphasis on the word "OUR". This emphasis is designed to underscore and highlight the fact that while state and federal mandates, officials, etc. require an inordinate amount of our time and attention...we are judged, supported and accountable the most to ourselves, OUR people and OUR community. Bastrop ISD is blessed to have the men and women of our campus faculties, our leadership team, support staff and all other BISD Family members elsewhere all throughout the district caring for and serving all of our students in the classrooms, offices, on the playing fields and courts, on our buses, in our cafeterias...or wherever necessary. As your very proud Superintendent of Schools for Bastrop ISD, I am starting my 8th year here and 36th year of service overall in Texas to students, fellow educators, parents and taxpayers. I am proud to have been (and continue to be) a Servant Leader serving the best interests of young people in the Public Schools of our great state! I am honored to lead an independent school district that seeks to serve the best interests of OUR people and OUR community.
OUR students are achieving great things at all campuses in Bastrop ISD. Our Post-Secondary Readiness levels and the corresponding numbers of graduates entering 2 or 4 year colleges, trade schools, the military or the workforce ready to succeed is at an all-time high. Our student and parent engagement and involvement is vital to success for all and helps us perform at higher and higher levels each year. We pride ourselves in and benefit greatly from listening to OUR students, OUR staff and OUR parents and taxpayers. We understand that while charged with the responsibility of educating and caring for the over 10,000 students entrusted to us, we cannot and do not wish to do so without the assistance and input from those we serve. Education is (and always has been) a partnership between the school, students, parents and community. As we start the 2016-17 school year in Bastrop ISD, please continue to communicate with us, expect that we will do the same with you, support the folks at your child's campus and at the district, expect support from us in return...and join us in proclaiming that we in Bastrop ISD are indeed PROUD of OUR Past, OUR People and OUR Performance! 
We hope this website and the campus websites at all BISD schools are helpful to you. Please let us know what else we can do with regard to all forms of communication to serve you better.  Thank you.

Steve Murray
Bastrop ISD Superintendent

Nancy Barrientos
Administrative Assistant
(512) 772-7125