Business and Finance Department
Sandra Callahan, Chief Financial Officer
(512) 772-7105

The Department of Business and Finance is here to support our students and staff as well as parents and the Bastrop community. Information about who we are and what we do is listed below. Please feel free to contact us about specific questions you may have.

 Name & Email  Position  Extension
 Carol Barron  Purchasing Coordinator  772.7126
 Sandra Callahan  Chief Financial Officer  772.7105
 Cindy Cox  Accounts Payable Specialist  772.7131
 Stephanie Braley  PEIMS Coordinator  772.7128
 Theresa Fierro  Accountant  772.7132
 Sindee Glenn  Payroll Specialist  772.7134
 Rachel Juarez  Accounts Payable Specialist  772.7142
 Blanche Underwood  PEIMS Specialist  772.7159
 Melinda Klaus  Accounts Payable Specialist  772.7144
 Sheila Muehr  Staff Accountant  772.7150
 Amanda Rodriquez  Payroll Specialist  772.7157
 Linda Voight  Administrative Assistant  772.7160