Superintendent's Welcome
Help BISD have an IMPACT.

Hello, and welcome to our friends and family……from the Bastrop ISD Family. We appreciate so much our students, parents, staff and business and community members. Together, we make up the BISD Family. We rely so much on others to assist us we strive to serve, to teach, to care for and to have an IMPACT on each and every student.

We all have an influence of some sort on each other, but do we truly have an IMPACT? That is our goal, our mission, our charge – to have a true IMPACT on our students. In doing so, we want to serve them in a manner that will allow them to achieve academically and socially. To truly have an IMPACT, we must BELIEVE in our students, in our schools, our district and our community. We count on each of you to believe in what we are striving to accomplish. We truly appreciate your belief in our students, our staff and our district.

Through this BELIEF and having a true IMPACT on our students, they will achieve great things and will experience SUCCESS. While SUCCESS is a somewhat relative term, we understand that ALL of our students need the skills, knowledge and capacity to learn now and throughout their lifetime. We, like fellow school districts in this great state, are hopeful that recent legislation (that finally diminished much of the over-reliance on testing) will allow our dedicated teachers to do what they love to do – to teach! In doing so, we want to focus on student learning, on mastery of the content or subject being taught and ultimately on SUCCESS for ALL of our students!

Together, BELIEVING in and having a true IMPACT on our students and their SUCCESS will help to shape their DESTINY. Our students having a vision of what they want to achieve in life and how they want to live their lives is vitally important. Their vision, their hopes and dreams, and their DESTINY is impacted by what we do here in BISD. It is also impacted by what our partners (you and so many others) believe and positively communicate about our efforts to serve our students.

Our theme for the year is all about IMPACT. We look forward to the 2013-2014 school year and our partnership with our parents, businesses, and community members as we work together in BISD - BELIEF, IMPACT, SUCCESS, and DESTINY. Thanks for everything you have done for us in the past and will continue to do in the future. We appreciate you!

Steve Murray
Bastrop ISD Superintendent

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