Superintendent's Welcome

As most of you are aware, we adopt a theme for the district each year to set the tone and spirit of service for our staff, students, parents and community; from “Whatever it Takes” in 2010-2011 to “We are BISD in 2011-2012” to “Moving Forward” in 2012-2013 and last year’s “BISD - Belief, Impact, Success and Destiny”. As we look at this coming school year with all the changes provided through HB5 and other legislative action, we are focused on providing whatever is needed to have our students succeed. Our incoming 9th grade students will be the first class to work through the endorsement area plans and college and career pathways offered by Bastrop ISD as a result of graduation requirement and course offering changes inherent in this new education-related legislation. As we work with our students and their parents to chart a pathway for success with regard to these new graduation plans at both Bastrop HS and Cedar Creek HS, we want all to know that our work in preparation for doing so started years ago. Our work with students for success with these new requirements in future years starts now in elementary, intermediate and middle school. In fact, middle school will be a very important time for our students as they will take surveys and classes that will help determine which endorsement areas they both desire and have the greatest probability of success. We want our students to be excited about their chosen PATHWAYS to success. we want them to express and show their PRIDE, and feel that their time in school has PURPOSE and relevance.
Our two comprehensive high schools are providing excellent educational opportunities for each and every student who proudly walks (or will walk in the future) the halls as Bears at BHS or Eagles at CCHS. Our Bulldogs at Genesis High School are graduating successfully in record numbers and we are extremely proud of them and the staff! We expect and look forward to offering even greater educational opportunities to all students at these schools and at all other BISD campuses. Along with BHS, CCHS and GHS, Bastrop ISD is proud to welcome the inaugural freshman class for our fourth high school campus, the Colorado River Collegiate Academy (CRCA), BISD’s new Early College High School program and campus. Students at CRCA will also work through the HB5 required endorsements and high school graduation plans throughout their four years there, but will also have the opportunity to be awarded enough college credit hours (60) to qualify for an Associates Degree from ACC upon their high school graduation is exciting and we are proud to be one of the select few districts in Central Texas to receive an Early College High School site designation from the Texas Education Agency for the 2014-15 school year. Our teachers, counselors, administrators and all other staff at these campuses and at our six elementary campuses, two intermediate campuses and two middle school campuses are prepared and excited to PROVIDE PATHWAYS for success for all students with great PRIDE and PURPOSE!  
As always, I ask that you partner with us to help all of our students be the best that they can be. Help and support us as we work each day to teach, guide, coach and care for the close to 10,000 students who will walk through our school doors for the 2014-15 school year. We appreciate you and your support in the past and look forward to working with you this year and in years to come.

Steve Murray
Bastrop ISD Superintendent
(512) 772-7125

Nancy Barrientos
Administrative Assistant

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