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Henry Gideon, Chief Operations Officer

Contact Information
 Name  Email  Position  Phone
Henry Gideon  hgideon@bisdtx.org  Chief Operations Officer  (512) 772-7107
Linda Olivarez  lolivarez@bisdtx.org  Administrative Assistant  (512) 772-7152
GoldStar Transportation      (512) 321-5706 or 321-5262
Derek Hay  dhay@bisdtx.org  General Manager  
John Eberle  jeberle@bisdtx.org  Assistant Manager  
Evelyn Key  ekey@bisdtx.org  Routing Coordinator  
GCA Maintenance      (512) 321-7307
Child Nutrition Department      (512) 772-7116
Clifton Ames  cames@bisdtx.org  Director of Child Nutrition  
Rosie Pacheco  rpacheco@bisdtx.org  Free and Reduced Applications  
Teresa Human  thuman@bisdtx.org  Eastern Zone Field Supervisor  
Diana Bliss  dbliss@bisdtx.org  Western Zone Field Supervisor