• Welcome to my page!! 

    My name is Angella Guerrero and I teach students with Dyslexia.  I have one child who attend Texas State University. I have a Master's Degree in Reading and an international certificate as a Certified Academic Language Therapist. I come from a family of educators and believe everyone can learn.  We may not all learn at the same rate or the same way, but we all can learn.

Mrs. Guerrero
  • You can contact me at:

    512-308-0702.  My conference time is on Wednesdays ONLY or you can leave a message.  You can also email me at aguerrero@bisdtx.org which is a lot faster.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • WATCH OUT!!!


    Please be careful when looking for information concerning dyslexia on THE INTERNET!! 

    There are several sites that give false or inaccurate information about dyslexia and what will actually help a student.

    There are several websites that can help students with dyslexia in many ways and that are free.  http://bit.ly/1KzilYC  is a connection to Region 13 that has a lot of current information about websites for Math, Reading, Writing, and practice in these areas.  There are also sites that will help with writing and can be added to your computer.