• Kristofer William Snyder (ksnyder@bisdtx.org)

    Room: A105


    Principles of Art, AV, Tech & Comm. // Period: 4 & 7

    Audio/Video Production 1  // Period: 3 & 6

    Audio/Video Production 2 Lab // Period: 1 & 2

    Practicum Audio/Video Production // Period: 1 & 2

    Conference Period: 5th 


    Graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a major in film production.  I have 8+ years experience as an independent filmmaker in Austin, TX; directed and produced award-winning narrative short films. My previous professional AV job was with the State Bar of Texas where I worked as a video producer. I married my college sweetheart, Alexandra. Together we have a baby girl and two dogs. My favorite aspect of AV production is screenwriting. 

     Mr. Snyder