BISD School Dress Code

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    The district’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards. Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with the following:

    General Guidelines
    • Students must come to school neat and clean. 
    • Pants, slacks, shorts, or skirts are to be worn at the waistline.
    • The midriff must be covered.
    • Appropriate shoes are to be worn. House shoes are not permitted.
    • Appropriate undergarments are to be worn.
    • Shorts, skirts or dresses, even worn with leggings, must be as long all the way around as the bottom of the fingertip, with normal movement, with the arm fully extended at the side. If the skirt or dress has a slit, the slit may not be higher than the bottom of the fingertip with the arm fully extended at the side.
    • Appropriate earrings or studs are acceptable in boys or girls’ ears. (“Gauges” or very large holes in the ear are not considered appropriate earrings or studs and are not permitted.) Earrings that pose a safety hazard such as, but not limited to, gauges, plugs, or spikes are not permitted.
    • Nose piercings (small studs only) are acceptable.
    • Leggings/jeggings/yoga pants worn as pants with appropriate length top.
    • Hair coloring deemed as “unnatural” (except for “neon”) is permitted
    The following clothing/ornamentation's are NOT permitted
    • Shorts of any kind that do not meet the length requirement.
    • Boxer-style briefs
    • Provocative or revealing, or excessively tight clothing (including but not limited to seethrough, tank tops, spaghetti straps, clothes with holes, exposed backs and fronts, shortshorts, visible undergarments, etc.)
    • Clothing with extreme holes or shreds. No holes above fingertip length with skin exposed.
    • Crude or vulgar language or pictures.
    • Drug, tobacco, weapon, or alcohol related language or pictures.
    • Racial/ethnic slurs, or discriminatory language or pictures on clothing, school supplies, or any other student possession
    • Gang affiliated clothing (including but not limited to altered hats, shirts, hairnets, belt buckles, etc.)
    • Flagging or “posting of colors”. No items draped over shoulder, neck or hung out of pocket
    • Notched eyebrows
    • Oversized/sagging clothing such as pants, shirts, belts. Pants must be worn and secured at the waistline.
    • Pajama type clothing
    • Metal, wheeled, or hard tap shoes
    • Sunglasses inside building unless prescribed by a doctor
    • Bandanas, neckbands, leg-bands, armbands, etc.
    • Hats, hoods and caps in building during the instructional day
    • Any tattoo deemed inappropriate or offensive will need to be covered.
    • Piercings on students in any visible body parts except ears is not allowed. Extreme piercings (gauges, etc.)
    • Extreme hairstyles (may include but not limited to mo-hawks, etc.)
    • “Neon” hair coloring
    • No costumes or costume accessories unless on specified days by administration
    Any Code of Conduct and or Dress Code issue that is deemed a distraction or in any way inappropriate by campus administration will be enforced by the Code of Conduct.
    Administration reserves the right to use professional judgement in assigning consequences regarding Dress Code violations in accordance with the district Code of Conduct.
    Administration reserves the right to enforce an alternate dress code at disciplinary campuses, such as Gateway and Boot Camp.
    Items in violation of the dress code may be confiscated. Items held may be reclaimed at the end of the school year. Unclaimed items will be considered donations to the school. Multiple violations or continued refusal to comply will result in disciplinary action.
    The elementary and intermediate school student dress code is the same as the secondary except for the following:
    Parents can help the children participate in the physical education program by dressing them appropriately. The P.E. teachers recommend tennis shoes; boots and sandals are not safe. Girls may wear pants or shorts under dresses. The teachers further recommend pullover tops and pants so children can move freely on the floor without the discomfort of buttons and zippers.
    If your child comes to school wearing clothes that violate the dress code or in any way violate the dress and grooming standards, s/he may be placed in in-school suspension or isolated until s/he is in compliance. We will make efforts to notify you as soon as possible, and if the student changes clothes or otherwise comes into compliance with the dress and grooming standards, s/he will return to regular classes immediately. Updated May 2016
    For the complete BISD dress code please click here.