• Take-Home Binder:
    Your child will bring home and return a binder daily. In this binder there will be handouts, notes, newsletters, calendars, homework, as well as a planner for you to sign daily. Please look in this binder every night. This is the way I will be in communication with you on a daily basis regarding your child and his/her needs.

    Daily Planner:
    Your child has a planner in their binder that the school provided to help our students with organization and personal responsibility. Since each student will be expected to read each night for a minimum of 20 min., this is where your child will write down the book(s) he/she read, and it is your job to initial at the bottom DAILY! :)

    Grades will be updated regularly in Family Access, so be sure to ask if you have any questions. You may reach me the fastest through email ( mcrawford2@bisdtx.org ) or you may call the school to set up an appointment to visit with me in person during my conference hours.