• Mrs. GIll
    6th Grade Science/ Room 109
    (512) 772-7475 x45109
    Conference: 7th Period (M-F 3:00-3:55)

    Greetings! I am so excited to welcome your student to my class for the 2018-2019 school year. I know that you, your child, and I will all work together to help your student reach their highest level of success this year.

    Science Class Supplies:
    Students will need to bring the following supplies every day to class (replace as needed):
    ● 2-pocket folder Students should review papers in their Science folder every day, including days where there is no “homework”.
    ● #2 pencils All work will be done in pencil. Work done in ink will not be accepted.
    ● colored pencils
    ● notebook paper
    ● scissors

    Thursday Yellow Folder
    Every student will receive a yellow folder that will come home every Thursday. The current average will be recorded in the folder as well as any notes of praise or concern (i.e. missing work, behavior issues) for you to review and sign. The student must return the folder to school the next day.

    Students will have a minimum of three major grades and nine daily grades per nine week grading period. Daily Grades are worth 40% and Major Grades are worth 60% of the overall nine week average. Students will have one opportunity to recover a failed major grade to a maximum of a 70, following parent notification in the “Thursday Yellow Folder”. Your student may correct daily failing grades, to improve the grade up to a 70. The corrected work must be returned with a parent signature in order to receive the additional points.

    Students will have advanced notice of all Quizzes, Tests and/or Projects. After an absence, students will be required to take a missed test or turn in a missed project the day they come back to school, unless prior arrangements have been made.

    Late work may receive a reduction of 10 points per day. For Example: If a student turns in work one day late and the grade is an 87, the student will receive a 77 because 87-10=77. Maximum reduction is 40 points. My expectation is that all students will turn in work by the due date and that all work will be complete and of high quality.
    Students should review papers in their folder every day, including days where there is no “homework.

    **All daily assignments are due before the grading period (progress report/report card) comes to a close.




    Gill Syllabus
    Page 2

    Our text is Science FUSION Grade 6. Each Student will be issued a book that stays in the classroom for them to use as needed in class. This is a consumable book that we will be writing notes in and taking pages out for daily grades.

    What to expect this year:

    1st Nine Weeks
    ○ Classroom Procedures
    ○ Processes of Scientific Investigation
    ○ Unit 1 – Chemicals/Elements and Compounds
    ○ Unit 2 – Physical Properties of Matter
    ○ Unit 3 – Force and Motion
    2nd Nine Weeks
    ○ Unit 3 – Force and Motion
    ○ Unit 4 – Energy Resources and Transformations
    ○ Mid-Year Final (Academic Target)
    3rd Nine Weeks
    ○ Unit 5 – Thermal Energy
    ○ Unit 6 – Earth Materials
    ○ Unit 7 – Plate Tectonics
    4th Nine Weeks
    ○ Unit 8 – Solar System
    ○ Unit 9 – Taxonomic Groups
    ○ Unit 10 - Ecosystems
    ○ End of Year Final (Academic Target)

    Again, I am so excited to share this journey with your student and their family. Please contact me any time during the year with any questions or concerns.

    GO EAGLES!!!