• Our P.E. Goal:  Coach Tracie and myself strive to create a welcoming environment for our students that builds character and confidence, while giving our students ample opportunites to experiment with exercise, dance, sports, and games.


    About Me:  I graduated from Texas State with a B.A. in Anthropology in 2006.  I then lived in Riobamba, Ecuador for a year teaching in areas ranging from impoverished communities to the University of Quito.  Upon my return, I attained my alternative teaching certification through ITeachTexas and am currently certified in EC-12 Physical Education, EC-6 Generalist, and EC-6 Billingual.  This is my 12th year at Mina Elementary.  I spent two years as a 4th grade bilingual teacher and have spent ten years as the Physical Education teacher.  I went to Mina Elementary many years ago, so I take our reputation and culture very seriously.  


    The P.E. Posse:  The P.E. Posse is the student leadership group of Mina, replacing the Student Council 5 years ago.  These students work all P.E. functions, fundraisers, and field days.  They ensure that all our activities and games our student centered, student led, and fun for all involved.  We meet every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year to build confidence, accountability, and a team identity.  Our mantra:  We are leaders with our actions, positive with our words, accountable for our choices, and respectful at all times.


    The Task Force:  The Task Force is a group of students that have jobs around our campus.  This program strives to build character, confidence, accountability, and school ownership.  Our jobs range from helping younger students during specials (music, computer, P.E. and art), working with our Pre K students, office aids, library aids, lunch monitors, tutors in younger grade levels, and teacher aids.  


    The ONE-TIMERS Challenge:  This is our field day fundraiser that we have in March.  It is designed to be fun for the ENTIRE family, a cheap night of food and fun for the entire family, provide funding for our two field days, and give our P.E. Posse an opportunity to prepare to work our field days.  We create twelve different "shots" in the gym and anyone (no limits on age) may purchase a scorecard.  Once you have your scorecard, you proceed to try every shot (ex:  basketball, football throw, soccer kick, etc... ) one time.  A Posse member marks your score and prizes are awarded to the top score in 9 different age-range categories.  There is food available for purchase and all proceeds go to that year's field days, so that all that contribute will benefit.  


Lunch with a buddy at Mina Elementary!
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