• The Pre-K curriculum is divided into themed units that last 2-4 weeks. Stories and vocabulary words are aligned to the units. Letter identification and letter sounds are ongoing Language Arts skills. Number and shape identification and counting are ongoing math skills.

    Aside from weekly Language Arts and Math objectives, we also have Science / Social studies and Phonemic Awareness lessons in each unit. The Pre-K units and learning objectives are listed below. Please also read our website page "Pre-K Texas Guidelines" to see additional objectives that your smartie-pie will work on this year!

    Unit 1: Welcome New Friends  (unit ends Sept 25)

    Phonemic Awareness-  Letters in my name, write and draw, straight lines and curved lines in letters, sentence segmentation (clap words), compound words,  syllable segments.                                                                                                    

    Math- Start counting, difference between numbers and letters, Ten frame counting, count students each day, Counting using ordinal numbers, Sorting by shapes and colors.                                                                                                                              

    Science / Social Studies - Introduction to our 5 senses (see, hear, smell, feel, taste), Scientists use tools, temperature, places at school, we all need food.  

    Unit 2: My Family

    Unit 3: Our Community

    Unit 4: Life on a Farm

    Unit 5: From Jungle to Desert

    Unit 6: Earth and Sky

    Unit 7: Shadows and Reflections

    Unit 8: Make it Move