• Learning Objectives
    (we will continue to add on to these skills as the year progresses)
    We are currently working on being "thinking" readers.  As we read, we think about the text and ask ourselves questions.  We make connections to the text, such as text to self connections, text to text connections, or text to world connections.  We're currently learning about themes as lessons (or morals), mostly in Fables.
    Writers will work through the process of "writer's workshop," including mini lesson time, independent writing time, and closure/sharing time.  As writer's, when we think we're done, we will go back and add more to our writing, add more to our drawing, or begin writing a new piece. 
    Word Study:
    Vowels (Long and Short), closed/open syllables, Synonyms/Antonyms, Capitalization/Punctuation.
    Place Value, Number Lines, Greater than/Less than
    We are learning what a Scientist is/does.  We will practice safety as Scientists.
    Social Studies:
    We are learning what it means to be a citizen, especially a good citizen. We're differentiating between rights and responsibilities.