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    Classroom Behavior

    Each student is given a sticker chart that they are required to keep in their take home black take home folders. Throughout the day, if I notice that a student is being a good citizen of our school (completing reading homework, helping a friend, following school and classroom rules, etc.) they will be given a various amount of stickers depending on the observed behavior.  When a student earns ten stickers, they get to choose from a list of rewards.  These rewards include no homework passes, library VIP pass, chewing gum, free snack, lunch bunch etc.

    Each Friday, students are given approximately 20-25 minutes of Fun Friday time.  This is a time for students to take a quick break from all of the hard work they have put in for the week.  Some of the acitivities include extra recess, electronics, movie and various others activities that are discussed and voted on by the students throughout the year.  Each student is automatically given this opportunity, however they must earn to keep it.  We use a "three strikes your out" model for those students who exhibit unacceptable behavior within that week.  If a student receives three X's next to their name, they will no longer be able to participate in Fun Friday.  Every Monday, each student gets a chance to start all over and make the new coming week a better week!



    We love celebrating birthdays in our class!  If you wish for your student to celebrate theirs with classmates, please give a weeks notice so that classroom time can be set aside for the fun. Birthday celebrations will be held at the end of the school day.  Cupcakes and other snacks are welcome, please make sure that there is enough for the entire class. 



     If you plan to escort your student into the building, you must first check-in at the front office and get a name tag.  Students may enter the building at 7:00 AM. Breakfast will be served in classrooms this year at 7:15 AM.



    The dismissal process begins at 2:45 PM with students cleaning up the room and getting their belongings ready to go home.  Bus riders will begin to load at 2:50 PM and car riders at 3:00 PM.

     Please Note:

    Parents of car riders are strongly encouraged to stay in their vehicle and drive through to pick up their student.  This procedure is in place for the safety of each of our little Cardinals. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


    Visitors and Volunteers

    Parents are always welcome to visit their student at Bluebonnet.  If you are wanting to talk specifically about your child, please be sure to schedule a conference.

    If parents are wanting to attend any field trips or volunteer in our school, please make sure to fill out a VIPS form and provide a copy of your drivers license.  The form needs to be completed and approved before attending any field trip or volunteering.  It takes two weeks for the district to process your request.


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