• Homework: 
     A homework packet will be sent home every Thursday that will be due the following Thursday.  This will give your child some flexibility during the school week by allowing them to work on assignments at his or her own pace.  Please actively monitor your child's progress to avoid the last minute cramming on Wednesday night.  Please notify us immediately if your child is stressed about homework or spending an excessive amount of time on homework.  The intention behind assigning homework is to review classroom learning in a meaningful way to enhance the likelihood that students will retain and apply it in creative ways in the future.  Tears and stress will only hinder this goal.  
    *** If you are ever interested in more practice for your child at home in math then I would suggest taking a peak at my resource page and also our tentative calendar to see what skill we are currently working on.  On the resource page you will see links to websites that allow your children to practice and grow in what they are learning in class through online assessments and activities.  If you ever want any more resources beyond that feel free to ask!