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    Great things are "summing"!

     This month in math, we are learning strategies for addition and subtraction up to 20.  Students will be able to :

    • automatically add and subtract facts equalling up to 20
    • solve problems with missing addends/minuends
    • determine which strategy they would use to solve a problem and tell why
    • write  an original story problem for a number sentence given
    • Identify, sort and classify 2D and 3D shapes.


    cartoon children with a book

    Our Rockin' Reader's Workshop!

    Reader's Workshop is always my favorite part of the day! I love watching young readers blossom. I am sure we will have MANY great adventures in reading this year!

    This month in reading, we will be 

    • determining our purpose for reading a story, 
    • determining the author's purpose for writing a story
    • describing story elements (character,setting ,problem, solution, beginning,middle,end)
    • describe the elements of non fiction texts
    • establish a purposr for reading
    • read on a level G or higher

    Please make sure that your child reads all of the books, passages and words in their take home book bag each night and brings them back to school each day.  

    Please do not write in the color-soft bound readers.  These books will be assigned to your child and will need to be replaced if they are lost or damaged.  

    Students are welcomed to (encouraged to) write in and color any black and white paper books that they are given. (Reading A to Z books)


    The Author's Chair

    Our Writer's Workshop Works!

    This month our writing will focus on 

    getting ideas on paper 

    publishing to make our writing look neat and clean

    writing complete sentences

    using correct punctiation

    capitalizting proper nouns


    Great Things are S.T.E.M.'ing

    This month in Science we are learning