Club Information

  • P.E. Posse

    The student leadership team of Mina Elementary replacing the Student Council 5 years ago.

    Mantra: We are leaders with our actions, positive with our words, accountable for our choices, and respectful at all times.
    Description:  This team consists of 3rd and 4th graders committed to being an example of leadership, compassion, effort, and respect.  We meet from 7:00-7:25 on Tuesday and Friday mornings throughout the year to build moral and instill confidence.  The P.E. Posse works our One-Timers Challenge in April (field day fundraiser) and both our field days in May, which allows all Mina P.E. functions to be student centered and student lead.  Every year former P.E. Posse members return to address our team, speak about leadership, and help out at our functions.  In our eleven years of existence, we have built quite a community.  
    How to join: First and foremost, I look for leadership.  However, leadership can come in many ways.  If a student is interested, they should give great effort in P.E., model our three rules (1. Be inclusive. 2. Be cool. 3. Be a problem solver.), and speak to me personally.  

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