• Teaching children is a very delicate and essential craft. I believe that all teachers should approach their fieldwork in a way that strives to educate all students to the absolute best of their abilities. My goal as a teacher is to ensure that students succeed academically, socially, and morally, and instill in them values and attributes that they can take with them beyond the classroom. I believe that it is essential to go above and beyond to shape students into outstanding citizens and provide for them an education that is meaningful and worthwhile.

    Sometimes I wonder if my students are learning more from me, or if I am learning more from them. Every single day in the classroom, my students open my eyes to a new revelation that I could not possibly learn from reading textbooks or from sitting in education classes. Although those are both vitally important in becoming a successful teacher, I learn the most when I am emerged in an actual classroom working with actual students. My students have taught me to have an abundance of patience, more than I ever knew I had. My students have taught me how to adapt to difficult and unanticipated situations. They have also taught me to learn from my mistakes and to keep trying until I succeed. But most importantly, my students have taught me that being a teacher is much more than following the curriculum; being a great teacher means going the extra mile to value each student and be a positive role model in each of their lives.

    To be a great teacher means to have an open mind and accept each other’s differences. My classroom will be structured in a way that allows for student collaboration and operate on a cooperative learning system. I believe that it is important to recognize each others’ similarities, and celebrate our differences, because no two students will learn the same way. That being said, I will work endlessly to ensure that each individual student feels valued, appreciated, and cared for on a daily basis. My classroom will be a safe, welcoming, and integrated environment where each students’ most effective learning can occur.  

    As a teacher, I strive to make sure that everyone in my classroom is being educated in a way that they can understand and comprehend material in a way that works best for them. My classroom will be structured in a progressive student - centered classroom. I truly believe that students learn best when they can explore and discover concepts for themselves, and I plan to incorporate inquiry based lessons into my classroom as much as possible. My students’ needs as a learner and valued team member will be the driving force behind all of my instruction. As a teacher, I vow to uphold these believes and implement them in my classroom.