• Supplies Needed for Class

      Science and Social Studies Journal


      Glue (preferably wet glue in a bottle


      Color pencils or crayons


    • Classroom Expectations

       Be Safe (with your actions)

      Be Responsible (with your supplies)

      Be Respectful (with your words)

    • Science Syllabus

      1st Nineweeks - Safety, Equipment, Properties of Matter, Forms of Energy

      2nd Nineweeks - Forms of Energy, Investigating Earth's Changes

      3rd Nineweeks - Investigating Fossils and Environments, Investigating Water and Weather Patterns, Investigating Sun, Earth and Moon Patterns

      4th Nineweeks - Investigating Ecosystem Interactions, Investigating Structures and Behaviors of Organisms, Design Experimantal Investigations


      Social Studies Syllabus

      1st Nineweeks -  These United States: A Varied Landscape, Thinking Like a Historian, Coming to America: Exploring and Colonizing America, Unrest and Rebellion: Fighting for Independence

      2nd Nineweeks - Unrest and Rebellion: Fighting for Independence, An American Identity: Become the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, Migration Westward: Expanding the United States

      3rd Nineweeks - Civil War: Dividing and Rebuilding the Union, A New Century: Transitioning to a Modern America, Challenging Times: Emerging as a World Power, An Anxious Nation: Creating a More Perfect Union

      4th Nineweeks - An Anxious Nation: Creating a More Perfect Union, Texas Making a Difference