Biology Information

  • Biology is a Freshman-level Science course covering the study of life (cells, plants, genetics, evolution, etc.)  All coursework and labs will prepare students for the future science courses such as chemistry, physics, and AP Biology as well as prepare each student for the Biology STAAR test.

  • Tutorial Times:  I have tutorial times on Monday and Tuesday from 8-8:35.  I am available in the afternoon by appointment.  Every day (except Fridays by appointment only) we have tutorial times.  We want students to get the help they need!

  • Academic dishonesty will NOT be tolerated. Cheating, copying, or plagiarism of any form will result in failure of the assignment, disciplinary referral, and parent contact. 

  • Grading:

    Daily: 40%  This includes homework, daily work, and quizzes

    Major: 60%  This includes tests, labs, and any projects