Bluebonnet Elementary

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  • Welcome to Kindergarten Room 104

    I am so excited so be a part of your child's Kindergarten year! Our classroom will be filled with fun, enriching activities.

    The building will be open at 7:00 am - Please do not drop off before 7:00 am

    Conference Time: 12:30-1:30

    Lunch Time: 10:55-11:25

    Recess: 10:25-10:55
    Library - Every Monday 9:20-9:50

    Snack: Will be around 2:00 
    *Send a dry and healthy snack daily with students. 

    Dismissal: 3:00
    All changes in how your child goes home must be done before 2:00 
    *Send a note in the morning or Call the Office - Please do not email or leave on voicemail

    *Please fill out and return all School Information as soon as possible. 
    (First week Documents, Progress Reports, Report Cards, ...)

    Become a Volunteer: ALL parents are encouraged to fill out the Volunteer (V.I.P. Form). An APPROVED (VIP Form) must be on file for any Parents to attend field trips, classroom parties, assist in the classrooms, or any school wide areas on the campus.)

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