About Me

  • My name is Tracy A. Hall and I have been an educator for 25 years. I grew up with parents who were educators as well. I have had the pleasure of teaching Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, and Fifth Grade. I am happily married and enjoy anything that involves the water. I enjoy spending time with family as well as watching movies.

    As an educator it is my philosophy that learning is a never-ending process. Continual education is critical in meeting the demands of this growing profession. Each child should have an equal opportunity to learn. Everyone is an individual and his or her needs must be met. Developmentally appropriate practices help each child in the learning process through their gradual progression from infancy to adulthood. As teachers, we must foster these stages of development appropriately.

    Understanding each child and realizing that they learn and develop intellectually not only at their own rate/pace , but also in their own style can be beneficial. Creativity in the classroom helps the child to explore his or her own strengths. Attitudes towards learning should be positive so as to provide students with various styles of learning : kinesthetic,spatial, musical,etc. . Organization in the classroom helps to keep children on-task and promotes a more suitable environment for learning. Needs of our  students must be met in order to foster intellectual as well as personality growth in each child.

    In conclusion, we must provide both equal opportunities and equitable conditions for learning.

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  • Email: thall@bisdtx.org