Hello and welcome to Bastrop Intermediate School

    Technology Applications Class 



    I have been at BIS for 4 years, teaching for 31 years.  I am excited about the new year and all the joyful new faces, both teachers and students.  

    I have 3 children and graduated from Southwest Texas State (now known as Texas State University)

    I will be seen wearing University of Houston , A&M , and Texas State shirts to support my children and the colleges they graduated from. 


    Our students are starting off the year with positive attitudes and letting their teachers share their wisdom.  

    In the first weeks we are working on Digital Citizenship and Safety on the Internet.  It is important for students to know safety is different on the internet than in a school building.  


    In Technology Applications:

    5th grade student's will receive nine weeks of assignments on topics such as formating documents, block coding, digital citizenship, and other technology topics.

    6th grade student's will receive a full year of assignments on topics such as formating documents, block coding, digital citizenship and other technology topics.



    I am communicating with your student through Google Classroom.  They are keeping a file of the activities and assignments completed throughout the year. 


    Your student will need headphones.  They are $1 at HEB across the street.  Students can keep their headphones in their backpack daily. 


    These are some of the  regular sites to visit at  home and practice typing:






    The more your student works in this area, the more time they save in their future projects in Intermediate, MIddle and High School.








    Smile for the Camera!