•      After from graduating from Texas Tech University I came to teach at BIS 21 years ago and have been here at least for a part time capacity.  I have a degree in Education with a specialization in English and Reading.  After my first year of teaching as a Title 1 Reading teacher I startedto ask around about the students with Dyslexia. I told them surely there is something to do for these students rather than merely reading together. 

         Soon I was introduced to the man at that time who was in charge of Dyslexia phonics classes and I went to classes about how to teach it that Summer, also the next summer for the advanced training.  Since then I have been to over 40 workshops about techniques and testing.  Though the program has changed somewhat and I have changed my teaching along with it for the past 20 years. 



  • My email is nbeck@bisdtx.org

    The school's number is (512) 321-6023 and my room # is 408.

    However I am usually teaching so I will have to call you back.