About Me

  • Hello Everyone!

    I have been at BIS for six years and began teaching the Fall of 2000.  I have taught both ELA and Social Studies at both the fifth and sixth-grade levels, as well as all subjects at the second-grade level.  I prefer teaching with games as I feel learning is not always acquired by listening and note-taking.  The competition gives a student the drive to learn without the student even realizing it.

    I view my students as future adults and try to instill in them good values and good citizenship.  I believe in a community working together to raise and teach our future adults.  Our youth sees enough of the negative things on various forms of media and need to come to the understanding that entertainment is one thing, real-life behaviors and consequences are another.  With parents and educators working together, young people will understand in time.

    Please feel free to contact me about student work, grades, or any issues that may arise during the school year.  My contact number is 512-772-7450 extension 311.  Or, you can email me at pzion@bisdtx.org.

    I will be offering to tutor after school on Mondays.

    Many blessings to you all as we raise our future citizens. 

Ms. Zion