• Hi, my name is Aaron Arauco and I'm so happy to be teaching World Geography at Cedar Creek High School. This is my Second year teaching and coaching at Cedar Creek High School. The sports that I am coaching at Cedar Creek are Football, and Boys Basketball. This is my Third year of teaching full time, Previously  I was in Rochester, Minnesota teaching in the school district there. I graduated College in 2016 from Minot State University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in History Education. While I was at Minot State University I also participated in Football. 
    The best way to reach me is through email in which I can get back to you within an hour during school time and after school time within two hours. If you have any questions or concerns please do not be afraid to reach out to me.
    My email is aarauco@bisdtx.org and classroom phone number is 512-772-7300 ext. 23226
  • My Schedule:


    1. World Geography Co-taught with Lee Hartsell
    2. World Geography
    3. Confrence 
    4. Athletics
    5. World Geography Co-taught with Lee Hartsell
    6. World Geography
    7. World Geography


    Here are my Syllabus and Classroom Expectations:

    WORLD GEOGRAPHY 2018-2019

    Textbook: McDougal Littell World Geography


    Materials needed for class:

    • A pen or a pencil, paper, and notebook EVERYDAY
    • BOK(Book of Knowledge)-You will be provided only 1 copy (If lost you are responsible for printing your own copy and completing any lost work)


    Tentative Schedule

    1st Semester

      • Unit 1: Physical Geography
      • Unit 2: Human Geography
      • Unit 3: United States & Canada
      • Unit 4: Latin America
      • Unit 5: Europe


    2nd Semester

      • Unit 6: Russia & Central Asia
      • Unit 7: Southwest Asia
      • Unit 8: Africa
      • Unit 9: East & SE Asia
      • Unit 10: Oceania

    Classroom expectations:

      • Respect is the main rule! DO RIGHT!
      • NO MOBILE DEVICES (students will turn in mobile devices at the beginning of class)


    Cell Phone Policy (CCHS Policy)

    • First Offence – Confiscate turn in to the office, guardian pick up
    • Second Offence – Confiscate turn in to the office, guardian pick up
    • Third Offence – Confiscate turn in to the office, guardian pick up and a $15 fine


    CCHS Classroom Discipline Policy:

    • First Offence – Student and Teacher conference
    • Second Offence – Teacher contacts Parent/Guardian
    • Third Offence – Teacher schedules Student detention
    • Fourth Offence – Office referral

    Note: Some situations may require immediate removal from the classroom; such decisions are at the discretion of the classroom teacher.


    Grade Policy  

    The following policies are further outlined in the school/student handbook.

    Makeup Work:

    • Make-up work applies to everyone. YOU are responsible for collecting your make-up work the first day they return to your class.  Check the makeup folder for your work 1st thing.  
    • You should ask for work ahead of time for planned absences, particularly school-related absences.
    • Missing the day before a quiz or a test does not exempt you from being prepared when you return.  Please do not make this assumption.
    • You will have 3 calendar days per day absence from your class, which in most cases will be the next class meeting, to have completed the work and have it ready to turn in without points being deducted for being late.

    Note: Extended absences (3 or more missed class meetings) make-up work will be dealt with on an individual by individual basis taking the cause of the absence into consideration.



    We will have content and term quizzes every 6 weeks, if you have your terms completely done, in your own handwriting (NO TYPED), and in your BOK you will receive 10 bonus points for that quiz.



    • If you miss an exam, you will not be allowed to miss more class time by making up the exam during class.  
    • You have one week from the missed exam to make up your quizzes and tests.  
    • Make-up exams will be given during tutorial time before or after school.


    CCHS retest policy

    Any student who makes lower than a 70 on a major test may earn the right to retest for a maximum grade of 70 if the student meets the following criteria:


    1. Attend a remedial tutorial within 5 days of the test returned not taken
    2. The student must sign up and schedule a retest date with the teacher which will indicate the student’s interest for retesting as well as date the student attended the tutorial providing documentation for teacher and student.
    3. Attend and retest on the assigned testing day


    Retests cannot replace a test grade of a “0” given for cheating or lack of effort






    Robert Watson




    Kristin Hall




    Aaron Arauco




    Lee Hartsell





    Tutorial Schedule

    You can attend tutorials of any World Geography teacher.  If your teacher is not available please see one of the other teachers. (see room numbers in table above)





    M/W 8:05-8:35 FH

    M/W 8:05-8:35 FH

    T/Th 8:05-8:35 B101

    M/W 8:05-8:35

    PM by appointment

    PM by appointment


    PM by appointment

Aaron Arauco
  • Contact information:

       Email- aarauco@bisdtx.org

       Phone-  512-772-7300 ext. 23226