• Hi, my name is Brad O'Connell.  This is my second year teaching at Cedar Creek High School and I am delighted to be here.   I currently teach Chemistry and pre-AP Biology, and have previously worked with students in the classroom for Biology and to prepare students for their STAAR EOC exams in Biology, Algebra, and English at LBJ High School in Austin, where I was born and raised.  Before teaching and tutoring, I spent a number of years working at a dog boarding and training facility.  Consequently, I have one very well trained dog, named Barghest, who I love dearly.  I have a BS in Marine Biology from the University of Texas at Austin, as well as a strong background in both mechanical and electrical engineering.  I am very passionate about science in general, but biology is easily my favorite topic.


    This year, the chemistry department, spearheaded by Stephen Beauchemin, will be producing supplemental review videos for Chemistry and AP chemistry and posting these videos to a not-for-profit youtube channel, which can be found at the following link:

    The Chemistry Show

    It is highly recommended that all Chemistry students watch these videos, as they not only contain condensed reviews, but occassionaly offer extra credit.

Picture of Mr O'Connell
  • Contact Information

    Mr. O’Connell 

    Room: B111

    Phone: (512) 772-7300 ext 23123

    Email: boconnell@bisdtx.org

This is my dog Barghest, he's great and spectacularly well trained
  • Schedule


    1st Period: Chemistry

    2nd Period: Biology

    3rd Period: Chemistry

    4th Period: Chemistry

    5th Period: Conference

    6th Period: Biology

    7th Period: Chemistry

  • Tutoring Hours


    Mr. O’Connell will be available from:

    8:00 am to 8:35 am Friday

    4:15 pm to 4:45 pm Friday

    Time for tutoring outside of these periods may be arranged upon request



  • Additional Tutoring Opportunities

    Chemistry tutoring is available any day before or after school in room C112, except for Friday

    Biology tutoring is available in:

    C211 Mon-Wed AM with Ms. Yates

    B212 Mon-Thur PM with Ms. McPhee

    B213 Tues & Thur AM & PM with Ms. Gensler