• Mrs. Paige is on her sixth year directing the Varsity Eaglettes Drill Team and Hip Hop Crew. She also teaches dance class levels 1-4 and assists with the Royalettes. Ms. Nichol is on her second year with CCHS and is the head director of the JV Royalettes drill team. Ms. Nichol also assists with the Eaglettes, Hip Hop Crew, and teaches folklorico classes. They absolutely love directing at Cedar Creek High School and look forward to another fantastic year of dance! 

    Mrs. Paige's class schedule: 

    1st- Eaglettes

    2nd- Royalettes

    3rd- Dance 3/4

    4th- Conference

    5th- Dance 1

    6th- Dance 2

    7th - Hip Hop Crew


    Ms. Nichol's class schedule: 

    1st - Eaglettes

    2nd- Royalettes

    3rd- Conference

    4th- Folklorico

    5th - Folklorico 

    6th - Folklorico

    7th - Hip Hop Crew 


Katie Nichol and Jamie Paige
  • If you have any questions, please contact us by email at anytime: Jpaige@bisdtx.org or Knichol@bisdtx.org

    Information about the teams and auditions will be posted shortly.