• Welcome to Mrs. Ferris' Page!

    I wear many hats at CCHS, so you'll see me all around in lots of capacities. 

    This is my sixth year at CCHS and I'm sad to be moving out of the classroom, BUT I am excited that I get to serve students and parents in new ways.  Here's a breakdown of my responsibilities this year:


              Campus Testing Coordinator  


    I am your contact person for all things having to do with the administration of STAAR, PSAT, SAT, and NAEP.  I will also coordinate large-scale testing for progress monitoring during the year.  If you have questions about testing accommodations, or testing on campus as a homeschooler, I'm your girl!

              LPAC Coordinator


    In this role, I get to monitor our EL students periodically throughout the year to make sure all is well.  I also host meetings with parents, students, and teachers throughout the year, as necessary, to review testing accommodations, adjust classroom needs, and to routinely make sure we're serving our EL students to the very best of our abilities.


              English Department Chairperson  

    My certifications include Reading Specialist and Master Reading Teacher.  It's my great pleasure to continue to serve the English teachers (and all our students!) with help in curriculum, materials, and best practices.  If there are any questions I can answer about your student's English classes, including Reading, Dyslexia, or EL electives, please do not hesitate to contact me.  You're bound to be the favorite part of my day!


Pam Ferris