English 1

  • Hello! Originally, I am from Indiana. A few years ago, I fell in love with Texas and decided to pursue my dream of teaching here. Volleyball is my favorite hobby. I have five years of volleyball coaching experience. I look forward to a phenomenal year filled with literary adventures, out of the box thinking, and comprehension. 



    Class Schedule:

    First Period: 8:40AM-9:35AM

    Second Period: 9:40AM-10:30AM (Conference)

    Eagle Time: 10:35AM-11:05AM

    Third Period: 11:10AM-12:00PM

    A Lunch: 12:00PM-12:30PM

    Fourth Period: 12:35PM-1:25PM

    Fifth Period: 1:30PM-2:20PM

    Sixth Period: 2:25PM-3:15PM

    Seventh Period: 3:20PM-4:10PM



    1. Bernie Dunlap: The life-long learner TED Talk
      1. This inspirational TED Talk by Bernie Dunlap will help put in perspective the importance of becoming a life-long learner.
    2. Courtney E. Martin: The new American Dream TED Talk
      1. This inspirational TED Talk by Courtney Martin will help you define what your American Dream is. 
    3. Article Resources: NewsELA
      1. This resource will allow you to look through multiple articles on different topics that connect to current events. 
    4. MLA Citation Machine
      1. This resource will help you properly cite work you use during research projects. 
    5. Grammar Checker: Grammarly
      1. This resource helps you catch common grammatical errors prior to turning your papers in. 
    6. The History Channel
      1. This resource contains many videos of historical events that can be used while researching different eras and people.  
    7. Literary Devices
      1. This resource gives the definition and examples of literary devices.
    8. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The Danger of a Single Story TED Talk 
      1. This brilliant TED Talk focuses on the importance of viewing the world through different lenses in order to come to a better understanding of different people and cultures within the world. 
    9. Dictionary 
      1. This resource gives you access to an online dictionary and thesaurus. 
    10. Brightly: 6 Great Websites for Teen Writers 
      1. This resource links you up to six websites for teen writers. Each of these websites offers a place for you to foster and submit your own writing.  
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