• I am originally from Arkansas, where I attended the University of Arkansas at Monticello.  While there, I received three degrees:  Bachelor of Arts in English - Creative Writing (2009), Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages(2010), and Masters of Arts in Teaching(2011).  I have been teaching English as a Second Language and similar classes for eight years now.  I am very excited this year to be teaching the Newcomer ELA and ESL block for students who are new to U.S. schools, so I can help them gain an understanding of the English Language and be successful in all their classes.  My Reading Enrichment Class is for students who are in the ESL program and have been in U.S. schools more than six years.  The goal of this class is to help students be able to master that final step to exit them from the ESL program.  I am super excited to have your amazing children this year! Go Eagles! 

    I teach 7th and 8th grade Newcomer ESL and ELA Block and 8th grade Reading Enrichment 

    • Daily Schedule:  

        • ET (8:30-8:58) - Room 303
        • 1st Period:  (8:58-9:49) - Newcomer ELA (Grades 7&8):  Room 303
        • 2nd Period:  (9:53-10:44) - Newcomer ESL (Grades 7&8):  Room 303
        • 3rd Period:  (10:48-11:39) - Conference Period
        • 4th Period (1st half):  (11:43-12:12) - Reading Enrichment:  Room 303
      • LUNCH:  (12:11-12:42)
        • 4th Period (2nd half):  (12:45-1:15) - Reading Enrichment:  Room 303
        • 5th Period:  (1:19-2:10) - Reading Enrichment:  Room 303
        • 6th Period:  (2:14-3:05) - Reading Enrichment:  Room 303
        • 7th Period:  (3:09-4:00) - Reading Enrichment:  Room 303
Susan Rebecca Bunting - 7th and 8th grade ESL
  • Hello!  My name is Becca Bunting!

    If you need to contact me, my phone extension is 34303, and my email address is sbunting@bisdtx.org.  My conference time is M-F 10:48-11:39.

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