• Welcome!  My name is Paul Ford, and I teach PreAP Algebra II, PreAP Precalculus, and TSI prep here at CRCA.  As well as teaching here at CRCA, I offer support to all CRCA students in all of their ACC math classes.  I have been an eduactor for 8 years and have worked in very diverse environments from teaching English in Ecuador to science instruction at university level here in the states.  This is my second year here at CRCA as well as in BISD, and I'm excited about working with the students here and helping them get their Associate's Degree to go on to even greater heights.  I'm passionate about science which led me to do graduate level work in biochemistry.  I also love math, both for its use as the language of science and for its abstract beauty in general.

    I am the sponser for the yearbook, chess club and math UIL.


     Algebra Syllabus


    Precal Syllabus

  • pford@bisdtx.org

    I am available in room 1502:

    Monday-Thursday mornings from 7:45 to 8:40

    Monday-Wednesday after school from 4:10 to 5:30