Welcome, parents and students, to Gateway School.  I  am the math instructor for grades 9-12. This includes Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, AQR, Algebraic Readiness, and several other senior level courses.
    At Gateway this year, we are piloting a computer based program for classroom instruction.  I work with the specialists and teachers at both CCHS and BHS.  My goal is to have my students on track with their class as much as possible  when they return.  Grades will be computed in a different way this year, so be sure to ask if you have any questions.
    You will be able to reach me at 512-772-7820 or at jpounds@bisdtx.org.  I will answer emails within the next business day.  
    My conference period is from 10-10:50.
    My hometown is Huntsville, Alabama, known to many as Rocket City and home of Space Camp. I spent 4 years at Auburn University.  While there I was lucky enough to be selected as a co-op/intern at The National Security Agency just outside Washington, D.C.   Later, I worked as an intern at the US Office of Education in D.C.  This meant I alternated quarters of work with quarters of school, and was the way I financed my college education.
    After marriage, my family moved 8 times in the first 12 years, due to my husband's career in military construction. We lived in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and - most surprisingly - Saudi Arabia.  I have taught in the Austin School District (grades 7 and 8 math and Algebra I) and Round Rock ISD (geometry and math models). I spent 8 years teaching at Bastrop High School (geometry, Algebra II, Taks Prep).  Five of those years I served as Geometry Team Leader. This is my 10th year here at Gateway, my 16th year in BISD, and year no 27 for teaching.
    Degree: Bachelor of Science in Education with Honors from University of Texas in Austin
    Certificate: Secondary Mathematics  (Grades 6-12)
     If you wish to be provided with a list of topics to be covered for your course, please contact me at  512-772-7820 or at jpounds@bisdtx.org. I will be happy to provide you with the topics being taught while you or your student is here.