Mrs. Brooks
  • Greetings!! My name is Beth Brooks and I am from a small town in South Texas called Weslaco, Texas Go Panthers! I have been teaching for 18 years the last 7 here in Bastrop  Go Bears!!

    I have taught 2nd,3rd,4th, and 5th grade each grade is unique and challenging. I enjoy spending my time with my beautiful grand-daughter, Presley and my mini-dachshund Lola. My weekends consist of going on adventures with my 2 grown daughters Hannah and Holley. I love the beach and Summer is my favorite season. I am an Aggie at heart and recieved my degree in Psychology and later decided to pursue teaching. I am a former Police Officer from McAllen, Texas. I learned Spanish while living in Guadalajara, Mexico. I'm excited to start the new school year and get to know all my students.

    Lola Presley


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    Class Schedule: 


    7:15-7:30 - Students enter class and settle in
    7:30-7:35 - Announcments
    7:35-7:55 - SEL
    ELA (65 min)
    7:55- 8:15 Writing Mini Lesson (20 min)
    8:15-9:00 Guided Writing Stations/Independent Writing (45 min)
    9:00-9:50 - CAMP (Conference Period)
    ELA Continued (100 minutes)
    9:50-10:15- Word Work/ Saxon/Phonics (25 min)
    10:15-10:35 - Reading Mini Lesson (20 min.)
    10:35-11:30 - Guided Reading Groups/Stations (55 min)
    11:30-12:20 - Lunch/Recess
    12:20-1:05 - Intervention
    Math (85 minutes)
    1:05-1:15 Math Warm-up (10 min)
    1:15-1:35 Math Mini Lesson (20 min)
    1:35-2:30 Guided Math Groups/Stations (55 min)
    Science (30minutes)
    2:30-2:50- Science mini-lesson/ lab demo (20 min)
    2:50-3:00 Hands on/ independent practice (10 min)