About Me

  • Greetings!

    I am so excited, after spending many years teaching junior high, I have the opportunity to instill learning in elementary students. I have a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, English, Reading, and Social Studies, grades 4-8 from Texas State University. I am also ESL certified which allows me to serve a greater population of students. Great things are happening at Cedar Creek Elementary, and I am learning along with my students. I am grateful to have the opportunity to teach other people's children! I consider it a privilege as well as a responsibiliy.

    When I am not at school, I enjoy watching my granddaughter play volleyball and spending time and vacations with my son's family. I belong to an arts & crafts group. I enjoy crocheting blankets for new nieces and nephews, scarves for Special Olympics, and preemie baby hats for Heart Month.

    I love the ocean and the beach, and any other body of water that one can swim in, whether it is a pool. lake, or river. I enjoy reading and writing and keep the folks at the public library busy.

    I look forward to the growth that your child willl experience this year at Cedar Creek Elementary School.


Contact Information

  • Email: cschroeder1@bisdtx.org

    Phone: 512-772-7600 X 51314

    Conference: 9:30-10:25