About Me

  • I am an aerospace engineer and software developer who has made a transition to teaching. I did NASA related work for about 15 years. After that was health care software. I have taught Algebra and Physics. 2018 is my first year teaching at Cedar Creek High School where I teach Algebra 2 to six classes of mostly juniors. 

    My wife and I live in southwest Austin with two small dogs in a smallish house on a small lot that we love to work in. We grow fruits and vegetables, but the birds and squirrels generally get the goods before we do. Our yard is mostly natives and drought tolerant plants. If you drive by at the right time of year, it is exploding in color. (If you drive by at the wrong time... not so much!)


Mr. Hasan and his technical books

Contact Information

  • You can email me at: dhasan@bisdtx.org

    You can call the school to reach me by phone at:  (512) 772-7300

    My normal tutorial hours are

    • after school on Mondays
    • before school on Fridays
    • or by arrangement on most days of the week