• I am the Creative Writing Teacher, Ms. Reeves. I also coach the 7th grade girl's volleyball, basketball, and track team. I am in my fourth year of teaching language arts courses, in which I relocated to Bastrop, from Houston just to teach Creative Writing this very year. In my class students are introduced into writing within their own discipline, where they are able to write more freely to express their ideas and feelings.

    We brainstorm and generate our ideas, write essays, and compose creative projects. I am also helping them with their spelling and building their vocabulary. This is not a tested subject, but students know the importance of giving it their all. I have received some really true and deep essays; that is what I love most about my job. These students have opened up to me like never before; I am grateful to have accepted this position. Go EAGLES #eaglepride

Coach Reeves
  • My conference period is 12:15-1:00 pm every day. 

    I will come in early to tutor students between 7:30-8:00, with an appointment. 

    My schedule follows:

    1st period: Creative Writing

    2nd period: 8th grade athletics

    3rd period: Creative Writing

    4th period: Conference

    5th period: Creative Writing

    6th period: 7th grade athletics

    7th period: Creative Writing

    Athletic practice 4:00-5:45