• Required by the district:
    • Domingo Rochin
      • e-mail: drochin@bisdtx.org
      • Classroom 302
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    • 7th grade Science
    • Class schedule
    • Tutoring: Monday 4:30 -5:30 PM, Thursday 4:30-5:30 PM
    • Dear Parent/Guardian.

    • My Name is Domingo Rochin. I am the proud science teacher of your son/daughter in 7th grade at Cedar Creek Middle School.
      I am taking this opportunity to introduce myself. I want to assure you that I am a dedicated teacher and will work hard and tedious to the success of your child.
      I am a US citizen, an immigrant from Mexico. I have a BS degree in Chemistry from the University of Texas. I am a Veterant of the US Army (4 years active, 2 years Texas NG). I am a retired environmental chemist. I am married; our 4 children are now all grown up and have obtained a college education.
      My primary hobby is ammateur astronomy - and currently I have setup an Astronomy club here at Cedar Creek Middle School. Yearly, I participate in science fairs as a judge for MS projects. Science is what I do and what I advocate.
      Like most immigrants, English language proficiency took it course and I was able to master it and acquire the ability to succeed in college. I fully believe that I am in a unique position to help all children succeed. This is what I want for your children, and this is what I am committed to work on.
      In the up-comming school year I will frequently communicate with you, either by e-mail or phone/text, regarding any issue related to your child. I have included below my contact information; please feel free to let me know your thoughts, your expectations of me, and any concerns I need to know.
      I hope to hear from you soon.
      Domingo Rochin
      Science, 7th grade, room 302
      Ph-school: 512-772-7425. E-mail drochin@bisdtx.org