7th and 8th Grade Resource ELAR

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    Lynn Scherbarth-Mills (Mrs. Mills)


    Conference Time: 3:08 - 4:00

    BMS phone: 512-772-7400

    Office Hours: 4:15 - 4:40 Tuesday. Wednesday & Thursday

    512 537-1548


    Hello and welcome to my webpage! My name is Lynn Scherbarth-Mills but around BMS I go by Mrs. Mills. This is my third year here at BMS. I started in the fall of 2018 as the ACE Coordinator and enjoyed it very much. I then sought out the position I am now in, whiich is 7th and 8th grade Resource ELAR teacher and inclusion/Reading Enrichment teacher. I love teaching here at BMS and working with middle schoolers. I have been in the business of education/teaching for about 22 years and have taught many different age groups and a few different subjects. I started out teaching middle school and now I am back at it, it really is my favorite age group, there is never a dull moment! I attended the University of Houston and graduated with a BS in Anthropology and then went on to Texas State University (formerly known at Southwest Texas State University) to obtain my Masters' degree in Secondary Education. 

    When I am not teaching, or thinking about teaching or reading about teaching I am gardening, cooking, hiking, biking, doing art or finishing up DIY projects around my house or yard. I also love spending time with my family: my fabulous husband Jeff, my daughter Natalie, who is a Junior in college and my son, Devon, who is a Sophomore in high school. I also like to hang out with my dogs, Bones and Koda Bear or my cats Orion and Ziggy. Caring for and watching my fish, is another hobby I enjoy very much, it is very relaxing to watch them. 

    For a glimpse into our day at BMS, here is my and my students' daily schedule:

    Advisory                8:29-8:56 7th Grade

    1st Period              8:58-9:50 7th Grade ELAR

    2nd Period             9:54-10:46 7th Grade ELAR

    3rd Period             10:50-11:42 8th Grade ELAR

                11:43-12:14 Lunch

    4th Period             12:48-1:12 8th Grade ELAR\

    5th                       1:16-2:08 7th Grade ELAR Reading Enrichment

    6th                       2:12-3:04 8th Grade ELAR 

    7th                       3:08-4:00 8th Grade Reading Enrichment 

    I hold my classes in room 104, except for my 5 and 7th periods, which are in 203 or 202. 

    Thanks for taking the time to read my page and see what is up. Check back regularly as I will be adding links and such for my classes. 

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