• I teach Freshman Biology. I am new to the district and have been a biologist with Texas A&M Corpus Christi and Texas Parks and Wildlife where I focused on restoration. 


    Ms. Lewis Class Schedule (during 3-week Virtual)

    1st period (8:30-9:00am): Conference

    2nd period (9:05-9:35am): Biology

    3rd period (9:40-10:10am): Biology

    4th period (10:15-1:10:45am): Biology

    5th period (10:50-11:20am): Biology

    6th period (11:25-11:55am): Biology

    7th period (12:00-12:30pm): Conference

    Teacher Lunch (12:30-1:00pm)

    Office Hours (1:00-2:00pm): Virtual Meeting with Students

    Work Time (2:00-4:30pm) for Teacher

Mr. Lewis
  • Contact Information:



    Biology Google Classroom

    Students wil be sent an invitation through their email to join the Google Classroom. 

    Once students join the Google Classroom, invitations can be emailed for parents to join.