• Kim Reid - Second Grade

    I have been in education for 24 years, working with children from birth up to 5th grade. I am originally from Illinois, but just moved here from Las Vegas. 

    I enjoy baking and visiting with my niece and my nephew. 



    7:30-8:20  SEL and Writing instruction LIVE on Zoom

    8:20-9:10  SPECIALS-Do Specials (on Seesaw) and Independent work time

    9:10-9:50 Reading-LIVE on Zoom

    9:50-10:50  Reading Groups or independent work

    10:50-11:50  Lunch / Recess

    11:50-12:35  Math LIVE on Zoom

    12:35-1:05  Office Hours / Independent work 

    1:05-1:50  Intervention groups or independent work

    1:50-2:20  Science LIVE on Zoom


    Conference: 12:35-1:05

    Contact: kreid2@bisdtx.org