• Vickie Schroeder

    Gifted and Talented Teacher

    Thank you for visiting Mina's Gifted and Talented (GT) website. This website is designed so information can be shared about GT and what is happening in the GT program.

    BISD Mission

    The mission of Bastrop Independent School District's Gifted and Talented Educational Program is to provide an environment where gifted students can collaboratively and individually develop their critical and creative thinking skills to their maximum potential and begin to use those skills to make valuable contributions to society and to interact effectively within society.

    What We Are Learning

    Identified students will attend grade level pullout classes with the campus Gifted and Talented teacher. As part of the Gifted and Talented program this year, each grade level is completing a unit of study from the Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP). TPSP allows students to enhance their academic opportunities by extending the learning in the classroom into the Gifted and Talented classroom. The units are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and focus on the foundation content areas of reading language arts, math, science, and social studies with interdisciplinary connections. Each unit includes guided instruction and activities and leads to the opportunity for independent research. Below are the fall semester projects.   

    1st Grade

    Ancient Civilizations - Egypt

    2nd Grade

    Ancient Civilizations - China

    3rd Grade

    Building A Business: Games and Toys

    4th Grade


    5th Grade

    Designing Spaces




Vickie Schroeder