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State Testing Dates

Bastrop Intermediate School will have state testing on the following days:

  • Tuesday, April 7th: 5th-grade Math
  • Wednesday, April 8th: 5th-grade Reading
  • Thursday, April 9th: Makeup Day
  • Tuesday, May 12th: 5th-grade Math (retest) & 6th-grade Math
  • Wednesday, May 13th: 5th-grade Science
  • Thursday, May 14th: 5th-grade Reading (retest) & 6th-grade Reading
  • Friday, May 15th: Makeup Day
  • Monday, June 22nd: 5th-grade Math (retest)
  • Tuesday, June 23rd: 5th-grade Reading (retest)
  • Wednesday, June 24th: Makeup Day
  • Thursday, June 25th: Makeup Day