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Doughty Named Region 13 Teacher of the Year

 photo of deirdre doughty

Dr. Deirdre Doughty, a social studies teacher at Colorado River Collegiate Academy (CRCA), was named the 2020 Region 13 Secondary Teacher of the Year at an awards luncheon at the Sheraton Austin Georgetown Hotel & Conference Center on August 2, 2019. The Teacher of the Year Program is sponsored by the Texas Association of School Administrators and allows districts to submit one elementary and one secondary candidate to compete at the regional and state levels.


As part of the competition process, district winners who competed for the regional award first submitted a resume, educational history, and professional development accomplishments. They were also asked to complete six essays detailing their professional biography, a defining lesson they have developed, a special project or initiative they have spearheaded, an example of how they connected students to their community, knowledge of educational issues, and their issue platform should they be selected as the state teacher of the year. A panel of judges, including educators, administrators and past award winners, reviewed and scored the essays before selecting the regional winners.


Dr. Doughty was unable to attend the Region 13 luncheon due to a previously scheduled celebration trip to Paris with her husband of 20 years, but we caught up with her in a telephone interview just after her name was announced.


“I am stunned and thrilled! I am very fortunate to be a Texas public school teacher--a job I love--and to be in Bastrop ISD, a district that places such a high value on student achievement and building student/teacher/community relationships--two of our district priorities this coming school year,” said Doughty. “I am also so lucky to work at the best high school in Texas, Colorado River Collegiate Academy, and with such a supportive administrator in Martin Conrardy who stresses social justice and helping ALL students. Most of all, I am so very lucky to work with our wonderful students, each and every one of whom deserves our best effort to help them achieve their full potential. Go CRCA, go BISD, and go Texas public schools!”

Doughty earned a Bachelor of Arts in History and Psychology, a Master of Arts in History, and Doctor of Philosophy in History, all from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to joining Bastrop ISD, she was an assistant professor at Southwestern University and an instructor at the University of Texas. Dr. Doughty is beginning her third year in Bastrop ISD and her second year as an adjunct professor with Austin Community College. In the district, she serves as a mentor teacher and Community Ambassador. She was honored earlier this year as the 2019 Generation Citizen Change Maker of the Year. 


Doughty and fellow winner Elementary Teacher of the Year Keri Swanson of Lake Travis ISD, will compete at the state level for the Texas Teacher of the Year award. Three elementary teachers and three secondary teachers will be named as state semifinalists in the competition, all of whom will take part in interviews with a selection committee in Austin this fall.


“Deirdre Doughty is a master teacher, mentor, a student advocate and a teacher advocate,” said Conrardy. “She has the critical ability to reach and teach all children. Her classroom is the meeting place, before and after school as well as at lunch for CRCA students, all of whom absolutely adore her. The secondary teachers in Region 13 will be represented by an absolutely incredible person this year!”


(Pictured are Superintendent Barry Edwards (R) and CRCA Principal Martin Conrardy.)

Photo of Martin Conrardy and Barry Edwards