• Welcome! 

    My name is Milagros Zapata. I graduated from The University of Texas Pan American now known as UTRGV with a Bachelor in Science in Spanish and an English minor.  I  love being a Bilingual teacher and have a GT endorsement. I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley, and moved to this community in 2012.  I have grown as a teacher in this community and hope that what I have taught stays rooted in this community for many years to come. I appreciate the support from all my colleagues and parents.

    It has been a great start to this new 2020-2021 school year.

    I am excited to teach and learn new things along with your children. We are privileged to teach such wonderful children at Cedar Creek Elementary.

    This year in 2nd grade we will be learning lots of new things. We will love writing and reading different types of books and know that both go hand in hand. We will be mathematicians by problem-solving which includes adding and subracting numbers up to 1,200 as we show our work, we will transition into multi-step word problems. We will share, ask questions, and talk about our learning to work together as a team to help us grow. 2nd grade is an important year because it is where your child has the chance to build their stamina and transition to apply what they have learned before but also prepare for the upcoming grade-level expecatiations. We will learn while having fun. It is a chance to give it our best.

    At CCE, we are Safe, Responsible, and Respectful. 

    If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me!