About Us

  • Genesis HS offers the same high school degree programs accessible to students at both Bastrop and Cedar Creek HS. We have smaller classes and students work at individual paces. Enrollment at Genesis HS begins with an application. Interested applicants should have finished their second year of high school, be at least 16 years of age and in good standing with their current school.

    Mission Statement

    Our purpose is to graduate our students and assist them post-secondary education and workforce options.



    Our vision is to open doors of opportunity by paving a clear path to graduation our students at Genesis High School.


    Value Statement

    Family is the foundation that supports the development of the individual and the community. Respect for other and self is shown through attitude and action. Appreciation for diversity strengthens our community. Investment in optimism leads to success. Service to others builds community and personal growth. Collaboration and teamwork enrich outcomes. Commitment and strong work ethic are valued qualities. A Culture of high expectations is a commitment to our future. Positive character produces positive actions.