• The goal of the BISD Gifted and Talented Program is to offer students an appropriately differentiated curriculum focusing on ensuring that students are instructed in an environment that addresses their unique learning needs and provides the tools essential for them to become lifelong, independent learners and productive members of society.  
    BISD uses the cluster method to meet the needs of our Gifted and Talented students. Our G.T. teachers have received the State of Texas required 30-hour training as well as continuing G.T. training each year. As needed, students will receive the majority of their instruction through modified (differentiated) lessons and activities in the form of either acceleration, enrichment, and/or providing greater depth, and more complex content.
    As the G.T. support teacher, I will assist teachers in the differentiation of the grade level curriculum and be an advocate on behalf of the students and their parents. I am also a source of information regarding Gifted and Talented issues.
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