Learning Objectivies

  •         G.T. students have clustered in GT trained teacher's classrooms and are primarily served through the classroom teacher.  They will receive the majority of their instruction through modified(differentiated) lessons and activities.  Our GT teachers recognize their student's special needs and design and implement instruction to meet those needs.  They are given a variety of ways to explore curriculum based on readiness, interest, and learning profiles.

            The GT support teacher will also be working with GT students in a pullout program. In compliance with TEA, Gifted and Talented standards will be addressed under the Texas Performance Standards(TPSP).  The TPSP is a statewide standards and assessment system used to capture the high levels of achievement of gifted/talented students.
    To know more about the TPSP, click on the website-www.texaspsp.org

            The GT Support teacher will also assist teachers in the differentiation of the grade level curriculum and advocate on behalf of students and parents.  The support teacher will also act as a source for information regarding the GT program and resources for teachers and parents.