Library Mission Statement

  • The library strives to motivate and ignite a passion for lifelong learning and successfully prepare all students to compete globally by ensuring engagement in diverse, rigorous, and relevant learning experiences that incorporate 21st Century Skills.

    • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
    • Collaboration across Networks & Leading by Influence
    • Agility & Adaptability
    • Initiative & Entrepreneurialism
    • Effective Oral & Written Communication
    • Accessing & Analyzing Information
    • Curiosity & Imagination



Library Goals

    1.   To provide access to information through learning activities.
    2.   To provide physical access to materials and equipment through a carefully selected and organized collection of diverse learning resources.
    3.   To provide learning experiences that encourage patrons to become discriminating users of information.
    4.   To provide leadership, instruction, and assistance in the use of information technology.
    5.   To provide resources and activities that contribute to lifelong learning.
    6.   To provide a facility that functions as the information center of the school.
    7.   To provide resources and learning activities that represent diverse experiences, opinions, social, and cultural perspectives.


About Our Library

  • Our library has a collection of well over 15,000 items that circulate to students and staff.  We have non-fiction, fiction, picture books, graphic novels, Spanish, bilingual, e-books, and professional resources for teachers.

    The library is open every day from 8 am to 4:30 pm. Computers and printers are available for student use during the entire day. Many days, classes are in the library working on research projects, learning how to use the library effectively, and improving reading and writing skills.  We look forward to having you sit a spell, relax, read, work on classwork, research, or enjoy one of our many new magazine subscriptions.

    Books may be kept for 2 weeks or longer with renewal, and students in good standing may check out up to 2 books at a time.